Sunday, 9 November 2014

Samos, Greece (Seitani)

Samos Island is full of great beaches but by far the most beautiful ones are Mikro (small) and Megalo (big) Seitani on the north western coast of the island. They are not easily accessible but this gives them their unspoilt natural beauty. The only way to get to the beaches is by foot or potentially by boat, although I would highly recommend to do the hike as it's a scenic walk through pine forest and old olive trees and you get lovely views over the northern coast of Samos. I am not an experienced hiker but setting off from the port of Karlovassi it takes about 30 mins to reach Mikro - and from there another 30 mins to get to Megalo Seitani. There are no shops or any other facilities at the beaches so it's important to bring plenty of water and food. 
As the name suggests Mikro Seitani is the smaller one of the beaches with beautiful crystal clear sea. This is a good place to take a break before heading towards Megalo Seitani. You only really notice how big Megalo Seitani is when you finally make it to the beach. It lies in a peaceful crescent moon-shaped bay and is lined by impressive steep cliffs. The sea is crystal clear and is great for taking a dip.
Overall I would highly recommend a day trip to Mikro and Megalo Seitani when visiting Samos as they are one of the few beaches which you will have almost to yourself.    

Setting off to Mikro Seitani

Stunning views of the northern coast of Samos

First view of Mikro Seitani

Stunning crystal clear water

Megalo Seitani from afar

Megalo Seitani

Finally made it...

The steep cliffs behind the beach