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A tour of Madeira (June 2012)

When in Madeira touring the island is a must! What made it so appealing to me is the ever changing scenery and the mountains covered in what is the largest surviving area of laurel forest (laurisilva). Madeira is also covered in levadas which are mini-canals designed to deliver water from the water-rich regions of the north to the drier regions in the south. They are also great to use as walking trails and to explore the island by foot. Distances on Madeira might seem small, but don't be fooled as most of the roads are small, windy and pretty steep so allow for more time when doing excursions. What I really do recommend is to stop in any of the small villages for a meal, food is roughly half the price of what you will find in the main city Funchal and absolutely delicious! 
The village Monte is easily reached by cable car from Funchal and is famous for its botanical gardens. It is generally a very peaceful place however you can also have some fun by taking a toboggan ride 2km do…