Sunday, 20 January 2013

Madeira: Funchal (June 2012)

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean lies Madeira, a volcanic island rich in vegetation. Its year-round sub-tropical climate provides perfect conditions for exotic flowers and fruit trees and makes it a colorful destination.
Funchal is Madeira's capital city and major harbour and is a great place to stay when visiting the island as it has lots of great restaurants and an amazing market for fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Welcome to Funchal...

...where the streets are covered in flower petals

Narrow streets

The famous Mercado dos Lavradores, fresh fruit and veg market

Inside the market


Old woman in traditional gear selling flowers

Birds of Paradise

Passion fruit in various flavors

Various little parks in the city

Tree with mysterious looking things....


Cable car to the mountains

For a church holiday volunteers arranged petals into beautiful patterns

It was painful to see it all being destroyed

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