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London - Emirates Air Line & Greenwich

I love good views over cities so I was quite excited to finally use the Emirates Air Line on my recent trip to London. The Emirates Air Line is the UK's first urban cable car and provides a great way to cross the Thames between the Emirates Royal Docks and Emirates Greenwich Peninsula. 
Hope you enjoy some of my shots of the city while crossing the Thames.

Arriving at Emirates Royal Docks

O2 arena and Canary Wharf in the background

Being on the other side of the river was a good opportunity to finally explore a bit of Greenwich. My favourite places were Greenwich market which was buzzing with people and had lots of stalls selling anything from delicious food to hand made art and crafts. The park was a great place to relax and enjoy some sun and views over London. It was so peaceful that it was hard to believe to be in London!

The famous Cutty Sark

Greenwich market

Greenwich Park

National Maritime Museum and city in the backgrouund

After Greenwich it was time to go back to central London and Covent Garden seemed like a nice idea. 

Entertaining street artists

On the way back to the station it was great to 'stumble' upon some famous landmarks:

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square & National Gallery

Big Ben

Westminster Abbey


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